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Inside the Six Star Bulk Bag factory, showcasing advanced Circular Weaving machinery from Starlinger, Lohia,  and Barmag. This high-tech equipment is integral to our bulk bag manufacturing process, ensuring precision and quality in every bag we produce.


Our History
Founded in 1986, Six Star Bulk Bag stands as the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Big Bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) in the Middle East. As the industry initiator in Iran, Six Star began with a fully integrated facility producing 50 kg sacks, catering primarily to the construction and agricultural sectors with products like flour, wheat, and cement. Over the years, we have consistently upgraded our machinery and production lines to adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability, expanding our packaging solutions to serve a diverse range of industries.

In 2006, Six Star underwent a significant transformation by incorporating the most advanced and modern extrusion, weaving, and printing machinery from renowned manufacturers such as Germany’s Oerlikon Barmag, Austria’s Starlinger, and Taiwan’s Hao Yu. This overhaul enabled us to design and produce highly customized and specialized FIBCs, meeting the stringent requirements of demanding industries like petrochemicals,, food, and construction.

Our commitment to versatility, superior quality, strict conformity to industry standards, and a customer-centric approach has earned us an unrivaled reputation nationally and regionally. Today, Six Star is the most sought-after company in Iran for FIBC packaging solutions for both liquid and solid products across various industries.

At Six Star, we operate a fully integrated plant featuring a complete production line, an all-inclusive in-house testing laboratory, and a standardized clean-room facility. These elements enable us to provide highly customized bulk bag solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Our facility is equipped with advanced extrusion, weaving, and printing machinery from Germany’s Oerlikon Barmag, Austria’s Starlinger, and Taiwan’s Hao Yu. This technologically superior, fully integrated machinery is a key element in the premium quality of our products.

Six Star maintains complete control over its manufacturing process, with our expert engineering team ensuring rigorous testing and quality standards. This dedication guarantees the delivery of premium products at the best value to our clients.

We have highly professional in-house engineering and maintenance teams that ensure reliable, high-quality production with minimal disruptions.

A white jumbo bulk bag with red lifting loops prominently displaying the "Six Star Bulk Bag" logo and the text "since 1986." The bag is designed for transporting and storing large quantities of bulk materials.
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